English (worldwide) temporary site of polish project - POEWIZJA.PL (starting in December 2013)


Our logo "quote" is little tribute from small to the Big One, which operates in the Big World of mainstream movies, creates excellent creative tools and gear,
supports the artistry in industry. It's not illegal competition, due to the whole different spectrum of our art-house endeavours.

We, Poevision.com (and original: Poewizja.pl) operate in very deep underground,
as non-commercial, one - person subject, trying to illustrate poetry and experimental literature by short video impressions.

It's a side story, that we cannot, due to our non-commercial reality,
use the Panavision support and tools, but, maybe, in future, we became able to rent it
for some of our movies (some movies from the past, featuring longer ones and before we decide to involve in a poevision (our original idea & term) format, are represented on
www.koprodukcje.pl ), with some notes in english, too.

In fact, making movie with Panavision it's a kind of dream, like many of lyrical thoughts.


Marat Dakunin,

poevision founder, (contact)